Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weakly Voting at Americans Elect: Slow-Death Overtime Edition

The first-round 'support click' voting period at Americans Elect Corporation is now 112% complete...we think. Really, no one knows any more, as AECorp continues to send conflicting messages regarding the re-re-scheduled date of the upcoming first primary round, as well as the date on which the current round actually ends. Apparently, this round's voting will end only when AECorp owner/operator Peter Ackerman damn well says it's over...perhaps sometime in 2013. The standing joke here in AE Transparency's palatial penthouse tower is "Peter Ackerman says 'you'll keep voting until you get it right!'"

Ersatz 'voting' at Americans Elect Corporation now appears to have lost whatever pretense of legitimacy it may once have had, given the corporation's recent string of disastrous flubs including canceled ballots, yet more canceled ballots, compulsive violations of the rules, and ballot-rigging shenanigans. Therefore we really see no point in commenting in detail on this week's faux voting results, except to note that:
  • Nothing happened, again this week. All declared candidates (affectionately know as 'stage props' here at AE Transparency), and all draft campaigns (AKA 'innocent bystanders'), are losing simultaneously -- which may be a first in the history of voting. 
  • Insiders' favorite and AECorp Chosen One, peek-a-boo candidate David Walker, made no noteworthy progress again this week.
  • In the latest of an increasingly desperate series of efforts to look presidential, this week Buddy Roemer attempted unsuccessfully to stir interest in his campaign's vice presidential selection process...thus putting the cart several time zones ahead of the horse. 
  • We express our sincerest gratitude to recently declared candidate, Stuart Hillman, for displacing white supremacist Merlin Miller from our top-ten declared candidates list. 


  1. Thank you for this informative while entertaining summary of the week at the asylum. You give the inexplicable a hint of rationality, although it is not pretty.

    There is one incredible event that you have not yet mentioned, so I will assume the hubris of calling it to your otherwise perspicacious attention.

    On May 11, Buddy Roemer, the #1 "declared" candidate announced that he will not be a "spoiler" as people fear. He will only stay in the race as the AE nominee if he has a realistic chance of winning the election.

    It is unbelievable that he believes that anyone would believe him. He has no sense of reality.

    To support his pledge, he claims that he is now polling at 7% nationally and this will rise to 15% after he receives the AE nomination, so he can be on the national debates and then win. The truth is that he received 7% in only one national poll. That poll was done by a small privately hired firm and the only choices given to the few people called were Roemer, Obama, and Romney. It is obvious that Roemer paid for that poll and it is not reliable. Actually, that small number is nothing to brag about. Even with no other third-party choices, only 7% would choose Roemer. That is pathetically small. With other third party choices on the ballot such as Libertarian, Green Party, etc., drawing some of the dissatisfied voters, that 7% would almost disappear.

    Roemer falsely states that he would give up the campaign "if [he] has no realistic chance of winning." He never has had any realistic chance of winning, and that poll confirms he never will. No third party candidate has ever won, not even the very popular Teddy Roosevelt. It is apparent now that Roemer has no realistic chance to be the first. Yet he still refuses to give up.

    It also appears he has no realistic chance of becoming the AE nominee, because he cannot get close to qualifying, which any rational person would consider a significantly negative omen. And this is all after he spent 7 months campaigning exclusively in New Hampshire in face-to-face talk to the voters, spending over $100,000 there on TV and radio ads, and received just 4/10ths of 1% in the Republican primary election.

    Yet he still refuses to acknowledge the truth and even fabricates a false state of the voting. He says he needs only 10,000 support votes at AE and that he already has over 5000. The truth is that he has over 5000 total supporters from all 50 states but only about one-half of those are from the 10 states with the highest votes-- the 10 states from which he must receive 1000 votes each in order to qualify. His voting has consistently been about that ratio: one-half in those 10 states. So he is not half-way to qualifying; he is only one-fourth of the way and he would need over 7000 votes per day for the next and final 2 days to qualify. He has been receiving only 30 - 100 votes per day, with a few exceptions up to a high of 200 votes in one day. It is impossible for him to receive 7000 votes per day. So why does he not quit now?

    Buddy Roemer would never drop out, because he loves the chance to talk and have people listen. He has no aptitude for the daily duties of holding public office, but loves to bask in the adoration of supporters. He does not care whether he wins or loses; he just enjoys the action of campaigning. Look at his history in the comments of "Say Amen" at this web page to learn more about this strange man:

  2. Diogenes: I do think that Roemer has as good a chance as anyone except David Walker of being the AE nominee, and a better chance than Walker if the nominee winds up being determined by a vote of AE delegates.

    Although Roemer is not that close to qualifying, nobody else is closer except for Ron Paul. And Paul is just a draft candidate who has not expressed interest in the AE nomination. So Roemer is closer to qualifying than anybody else who wants the nomination.

    There are multiple possibilities as to what may happen next. The AE board might decide to abandon the idea of having a nominee altogether. They might take the nomination choice away from the delegates completely and have the board appoint a nominee. They might do something that I can't even imagine yet. But if they have a ballot for the delegates and Roemer is on it, he has a good shot at defeating anybody except Ron Paul -- and if Paul declines the nomination, Roemer is likely to be the delegates' top choice among the remaining candidates.


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