Wednesday, May 9, 2012

AE Speaks, Claims May 15 Ballot Now Canceled, Too

BULLETIN (7:40 AM ET, May 9): We have just spoken with Americans Elect press secretary Ileana Wachtel regarding the passing of the yet-again failed May 8th deadline for support clicks and its impact on the scheduled May 15 primary vote at AE. In a terse statement Wachtel said: "We're still waiting for the candidates to get their clicks by the 15th." In response to our question regarding whether that means  the May 15 ballot is now canceled too she replied, "Yes, because they didn't get their clicks."

Wachtel assured us that an announcement to this effect is available on the Americans Elect web site, but could not direct us to the page. As of this time we are unable to locate that announcement.

UPDATE (8:00 AM ET, May 10): As of this time, Americans Elect still has posted no notice on its web site, has issued no press release, nor has it notified delegates via email regarding the expiration of the May 8 deadline for support clicks to qualify for its previously-scheduled (and now canceled, according to press secretary Wachtel) May 15 first-round primary ballot. We wonder what kind of 'democratic' organization would simply refuse to communicate with its own members?

UPDATE #2 (7:30 AM ET, May 11): Still no public acknowledgement from Americans Elect Corporation, and likewise no retraction from Wachtel of her May 9 statement that the May 15 vote has been canceled. AE's 'Caucus' web page still indicates the first 'caucus' round of voting will be held on May 15. If so, Americans Elect will be in violation of its own Pre-Election Convention Rule 3.2.2, which provides that candidates "...shall demonstrate public support of the Candidate by Delegate Support Clicks on the Website 7 days before any Primary Ballot on which the Candidate seeks to be considered, to provide sufficient time for a Candidate Certification Committee review prior to the first Primary Ballot."

We encourage readers who are curious to know exactly when the first primary voting round will be held, and what the 'support click' deadline is/was for that round, to direct their questions to AECorp CEO Kahlil Byrd at


  1. It looks to me whoever you might be is working for either one, the other or both DEM/GOP in attempt to derail real (not Wallstreet bought) democracy, I do hope, that with all the money in the world you will still fail to achieve your goal!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Apathy. But we have to ask: was it directed to us, or to Americans Elect Corporation?

  2. I could see several months ago that Americans Elect would play into the big money government we already have. What I didn't expect was that it would fail so epically. And it would keep going "lalala" without addressing the fact that it is failing so badly.


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