Thursday, May 17, 2012


In a statement just published by Americans Elect Corporation, AE states: "yada, yada, yada...The primary process for the Americans Elect nomination has come to an end...yada, yada, yada."

AECorp has thrown in the towel. Or has it?

Let's face it; we don't trust the guys behind Americans Elect. Never have. Never will. Does the quote above mean that the nomination process has come to an end (i.e., there will be no nominee), along with the primary process? Remember that the AECorp Board of Directors has "extraordinary authority and power to take or compel any action"...including awarding the nomination by fiat. We can't actually imagine they'd be stupid enough to do that...but then, we have never yet imagined in advance the idiocies AECorp's now-stringless puppetmasters have conceived over and over again.

We'll keep watching AECorp's corpse. We'll let you know if it twitches. And if it does, we'll be the first to pump a few more rounds into it.

Our sincerest thanks and congratulations to our thousands of concerned and vigilant readers, our nearly 1,000 Twitter followers who did so much to help us get the word out, and most especially to the Father of AE Watchers, Jim Cook of Irregular Times. Democracy thanks you.


  1. So, what happens to all the ballot access?

  2. [written by an AE delegate on Wednesday May 16th, 2012, pasted here after the May 17th announcement]

    HOW & WHY the GENIE may be out of the bottle---------------

    Also, if for reasons beyond my comprehension (or unacceptable to it!), the AE caucus page stays frozen,
    I'm beginning to brainstorm ways that AE delegates can use other means to hold "Caucus 1" on May 22nd, and to make it connected in a grounded way to standing in front of post offices (take a digital picture and send it to a common website such as, or to associating with groups, or something else, in combination with,,, GoogleDocument(s), other websites, blogservices, nonprofits, or even online retailers (and call centers! Imagine if we all called Lands' End, or AT&T or Verizon, and "ordered" our first choice candidate, perhaps with a certain imaginary (or not) T-shirt or something), etc., or the AE website itself (AE can collect our caucus-data the easy way or the difficult way!)....

    AE started before "Occupy," but given how that took off (people knew what to do: all you have to do is go to a public square and hold a sign saying 'we are the 99%'), I wouldn't be surprised if a simple announcement of another way to do an AE caucus took off.

    In the 1960's (a less wired, more hierarchical time), protest leaders could "call off a march," but these days (Internet-wired and much less hierarchical or more "blog-archical" or more wiki-spirited?), once a date is announced for a given 'march,' there's no stopping it.

    I wonder if posting about "people's options" on the discussion will add an "or-else" element to the considerations of the AE decision-makers.


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