Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Endorsement For The Americans Elect Presidential Nomination

AE Transparency was founded one year ago today, with a strict commitment to impartiality. Our job was, and remains, to observe Americans Elect Corporation, to report its misdeeds, to commend its good deeds (more on that should we ever detect any), and to press it by all means necessary to reform and thus to become the transparent, democratic institution we all wish it was. And that commitment has thus far barred us from endorsing any Americans Elect candidate.

But no more. After a heated day-long Editorial Board meeting here high atop the palatial AE Transparency Tower...a meeting involving considerable cosmetic but, fortunately, only minor structural damage...our Board (or, at least, its surviving membership) has determined that now is the time for us to cast aside our non-partisan heritage and take a stand.

Our reasoning is simple: only once in a generation, if that, does a leader come along who truly represents the spirit of his or her times, and who instinctively embodies the way forward. Og the Caveperson, Akhenaten, Zoroaster, Moctezuma I, Joan of Arc, Guy Fawkes, George Washington, Ulysses S. Grant, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man -- all were such leaders for their times. And now emerges another such Olympian force for good. In the face of such an opportunity we simply can no longer remain silent.

And so we are proud to endorse the candidacy, for the Americans Elect Corporation nomination for President of the United States, of Mr. Deleted User -- the right man for our troubled times. Our endorsement is based on the obvious fact that Deleted User is the only Americans Elect candidate with, as our sainted mother would say, "the good sense God gave a goose." We respect and applaud Mr. User's principled stand as the ONLY Americans Elect candidate with NO ties to secret Big Money.

We encourage every Americans Elect Corporation delegate to visit Mr. User's 'Candidate' page at Americans Elect and vote now -- and vote often -- for Deleted User For President. Only two days (give or take a couple of weeks) remain to get Mr. User's name on to the May 15th first primary round ballot at Americans Elect, so vote now!

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  1. (sarc) Why didn't you go for Mr. Colbert? (/sarc)


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