Friday, May 18, 2012

Obituary: Americans Elect Corporation (2010-2012)

Americans Elect Corporation passed quietly last night, May 17, 2012, in its Washington D.C. penthouse bunker. It is survived by its loving father, Wall Street tycoon Peter Ackerman, its half-brother, COO Elliot Ackerman, and its faithful man-servant Arno Political Consultants, estimated to have pocketed $10 million in its loyal service to AE as ballot access procurer.

A private service will be held today at an undisclosed location. The family requests that memorial donations be directed to the Republican National Committee.

Requests for refunds of donations made to AE may be inserted in any convenient body orifice.


  1. John from SydneyMay 21, 2012 at 10:07 PM

    Hi AE Transparency, thank you for your terrific coverage of AE. Are you 100% certain it is over for AE? Their statement said the primary process has come to an end ... but does that leave some wiggle room? Some AE representatives had said that a candidate could still come forward as late as June.

  2. Actually, we are far from certain that AE is dead. As you have noted, AE's statement that the primary process is over does leave it considerable wiggle-room, as in "we've decided not to let you folks vote", but that says nothing with respect to the multi-state ballot access AE still retains, or what it might decide to do with it. We've discussed this in more detail in the post "With Failures Rapidly Mounting, What Is Americans Elect's End-Game?" And for a more knowledgeable discussion see Richard Winger's excellent post on his Ballot Access News site, If Americans Elect Has No Candidates for Any Offices in 2012, Will its Qualified Status Still Exist in 2014?


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